Thorn Tree in the Garden

19. listopadu 2013 v 0:36 | Derek and the Dominos, YouTube |  PIKSLA KULTURNÍHO MIXU
There's a thorn tree in the garden
If you know just what I mean
And I hate to hurt your feelings
But it's not the way it seems, 'cause I miss her
She's the only girl I've cared for
The only one I've known
And no one ever shared more love
Than we've known and I miss her
But it all seems so strange to see
That she'd ever turn her back on me
And leave without a last goodbye
And if she winds up walking the streets
Loving every other man she meets
Who'll be the one to answer why?
Lord, I hope it's not me, oh it's not me
And if I never see her face again
I never hold her hand
And if she's in somebody's arms
I know I'll understand but I'll miss that girl
Lord I still miss that girl
Maybe someday soon, somewhere


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